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Do you have questions related to the trees and shrubs on your property? I.V. Tree & Shrub Care is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and more. Allow us to educate you on the most common and most pressing tree-related questions.

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How Do You Plant a Tree?

Many people wish they had more trees on their property, but they aren’t sure what goes into planting a tree. We’re here to educate you on the tree-planting process.

Firstly, choosing the right tree for the planting site is important. An arborist will consider the area's size, the type of soil, and the amount of sun or shade the site receives. They’ll also consider any other trees or plants that are already growing nearby. Once the right tree has been selected, the arborist will dig a hole that is deep enough and wide enough to accommodate the roots.

The tree will then be placed in the hole and backfilled with soil. The arborist will make sure that the tree is straight and secure before they begin to fill in the hole. They’ll then pack down the soil around the tree's base and water it thoroughly. Stakes may be used to provide additional support for newly planted trees.

Where Should You Plant Trees?

The placement of your new tree depends on your own preferences. Do you want the trees on your property to add shade for those warm summer evenings? If so, the southwest portions of the property are the most desirable. Do you want to block out a nearby roadway? Then the edge of your property nearest is the right call.

Trees also require healthy soil. If your desired planting site doesn’t have adequate soil coverage, we’ll take steps to enrich the selected area.

How Do You Maintain a Tree?
Trees that aren’t properly maintained can become hazards to people and property. Overgrown trees can lose limbs, drop branches, or fall over, while dead or dying trees can pose a serious hazard to nearby people and structures. Arborists can help keep trees healthy and safe by providing proper tree care.

Tree care includes a variety of activities, such as pruning, fertilizing, pest and disease management, and tree removal. Pruning helps maintain a tree's shape and remove dead or damaged branches. Fertilization provides nutrients that help trees stay healthy and strong.

Pest and Disease Management

Pest and disease management helps to prevent problems that can damage or kill trees. As certified arborists, we offer the region’s most comprehensive pesticide application and tree disease management services.

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